GBP Check

Your business, complete.

Google Business Profile Health Check or simply GBP Check is a complete platform that connects users with Google My Business API, helping them viewing and optimizing their GBP locations.

With 10 years of experience managing businesses on Google, we developed what we believe to be the best solution to explore the maximum of GBP, serving as a guide for Local SEO through smart algorithms, providing deep analysis for individual or multiple locations. 

A revolutionary tool for analyzing Google Business Profile data, taking GBP Local SEO concept to another level.

GMB Check

Analysis and Diagnostic

With complete analysis, GBP Check tool can verify the most important items available on Google platform, creating what we call GBP Check Score. The score can help users to measure how complete each GBP profile is and act as a guide to follow, measure and improve each location profile, until get the maximum score (100%), according with the business needs. 

GMB Manual Health Check 

Manual Health Check

Because not everything can be analysed automatically during the business optimization process, in order to help our users with this task, GBP Check counts also with the Manual Health Check. The manual health ask important questions and guidance that drive our users to improve or don’t implement the suggestion, according with the business necessities. 

GMB Check Insights

Google Business Profile Insights

Google Business Profile insights via official Google Platform provide basic insight data. Via GBP Check you can have access to detailed insights for individual or multiple locations and chains, gathering data from Google database up to 18 months. Multiple views and filters can help you to create a new marketing strategy to your customers using real business historical data. 

GMB Health Check Evolution

Business Health Check Evolution

Optimize locations requires a lot of tasks and actions, it can take days, weeks and even months. Health Check Evolution can track and show the history of improvements that happened during the optimization process in a graphic format, which can also be shared with the customer at the end of the project.

GMB Linked Accounts

Linked Accounts

When you have multiple Google / Gmail accounts managing multiple business you know how painful is to open many tabs and keep switching users in order to manage and consult information about each business. With GBP Check Linked Accounts, you just have to choose your main Google account and then link your other accounts (Google / Gmail) that has access to GBP that the tool will centralize all locations in one place, without need of users switch. 

GMB Daily Health Check

Daily Health Check

Instead of run the automatic health checks every time you open a customer profile, the tool allows you to schedule daily health checks automatically, so you can have an updated status of each listing you set the configuration. It generate a periodicity on Health Check Evolution tool, in a way that helps you to track batter your profile score changes daily. 

GMB Email Notifications

E-mail Notifications

Daily monitoring of GBP Health Check score, sending alerts every time the score goes down, so you can act and keep your information and engagement with your customers always up to date. 

GMB Business Sharing

Business Share URL

With shared URL, you can allow your customer or even your team to follow GBP tool as a viewer. They can track together the status of the complete analysis, with an exclusive URL and password.

 Why to Choose GBP Check ?

We’ve studied the market and we compared the few GBP tools available out there. We believe GBP Check is the most intuitive and complete tool when we talk about Google Business Profile Optimization. More than developer and solution providers, we work daily with GBP Check to ensure a great tool for marketing specialists and service providers. 

I am interested, how to request access ?

GBP Check is available in a limited number of countries. Contact us to ask if it is available already for you.